Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Jack of Dubs - Deep/Mellow Mix #3

A 47-minute deep and mellow dubstep mix, ending in some jungle.

Sigha - 'Expansions' [Hotflush]
Pearson Sound - 'So Far Ago' [Soul Jazz]
Ramadanman - 'Revenue' [2nd Drop]
Coleco - 'Breathwork' [unreleased]
Vista - 'Guesswork' [Scruffy Hoodlum]
Pangaea - 'Memories' [White]
Jus Wan - 'QB-41' [Naked Lunch]
Spherix - 'Look Back' [Tube10]
Peverelist - 'The Grind' [Punchdrunk]
2562 - 'Enforcers' [Tectonic]
Monolake - 'Occam' [Imbalance]
Hatcha & Kromestar - '3000' [Aphex]
Sully - 'Phonebox' [Frijsfo Beats]
Sines - 'Love Becomes She' [Untitled!]
Submerse - 'Forgive Me' [Night Audio]
Fused Forces - 'What's Going Down' [Substance Abuse]
Unknown - 'Darkcore' [Hate]

Download here (192kbps/60mb) and enjoy!

Friday, 24 July 2009


If you’re into DJing, dance music or just good parties then DJSoc is for you! We run events, organise regular socials in Southampton, head out to big nights in Bournemouth and London, offer free DJ lessons and keep everyone up to date with the local scene. Come and find us at the Bunfight for news of our big fresher’s social!

If you want to contact us, email, or leave us a comment here :)