Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Jack of Dubs - Mix for Cheapest Pen

A good mate runs the Cheapest Pen blog providing comment on future garage, grime, dubstep, wot-u-call-it beats. I've done a mix for him running through some old classics to some current quality cuts. Hope you enjoy :)

Jack of Dubs - Mix for Cheapest Pen (52mins/192kbps/71mb)


Addison Groove - 'Footcrab' [Swamp 81]
Pangaea - 'Memories' [white]
VVV - 'Project X' [Fortified]
Scuba - 'Speak' [Naked Lunch]
Maxim - 'Scheming' (Zed Bias rmx) [XL]
Ghost - 'Lyrical Tempo' [Tempa]
Roof Light - 'How Far Are You From Anywhere' [L2S]
Digital Mystikz - 'Pathwayz' [Tempa]
Vibezin - 'I Need You' [L2S]
Crystal Fighters - 'I Love London' (Brackles rmx) [Kitsuné]
Seiji - 'Yesman' [SeijiMusic]
Ramadanman - 'I Beg You' [Hessle Audio]
Clueless - 'Everybody Want Some' [L2S]
Monz - 'In My Head' [L2S]
DJ Madd - 'Flex'd' [Boka]
Zomby - 'Spliff Dub' (Rustie rmx) [Hyperdub]
Martyn - 'Krdl-T-Grv' [3024]
Jack Sparrow - 'Torment' [Tectonic]
Clouds - 'Protecting Hands' (Isan rmx) [Deep Medi]

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